Directorate of College Education

Subject Code Subject Name Internal Assessment External Assessment
BCA-101Elementary Physics 2080
BCA-102 Basic Mathematics 20 80
BCA-103 General English 20 80
BCA-104 Principal Of Programming Language (Through 'C') 20 80
BCA-105 Computer Organization 20 80
BCA-106 Office Management Tools 20 80
BCA-107 Technical Writing and Communication Skills 20 80
BCA-108 C-Laboratory 2080
BCA-109 Office Automation Laboratory 20 80
BCA-110 Typing Skill Laboratory (English and Hindi Typing)2080
Subject Code Subject Name Internal Assessment External Assessment
BCA-201 Business Accounting 20 80
BCA-202 Discrete Mathematics 20 80
BCA-203 Operating System 20 80
BCA-204 Data Base Management System 20 80
BCA-205 Web Designing And Multimedia 20 80
Elective(Any One)
BCA-206(A) Object Oriented Programming Concept(Through C++) 20 80
BCA-206(B) Programming Through VB 6.0 20 80
BCA-207 Data Base Laboratory 20 80
BCA-208 Object Oriented Laboratory 20 80
BCA-209 Web Designing Laboratory 20 80
BCA-210 Multimedia Laboratory 20 80
Subject Code Subject Name Internal Assessment External Assessment
BCA-301 Data Structure(Using C/C++) 20 80
BCA-302 System Design Concepts 20 80
BCA-303 Networking Technologies 20 80
BCA-304 Core Java Programming 20 80
BCA-305 E-Commerce 20 80
Elective(Any One)
BCA-306(A) ASP.Net 20 80
BCA-306(B) PHP 20 80
BCA-306(C) Linux and Shell Programming 20 80
BCA-307 Networking Laboratory 20 80
BCA-308 Core Java Laboratory 20 80
BCA-309 Elective Laboratory 20 80
BCA-310 Project 20 80


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