Code of Conduct

  1. The students should be punctual in attending their classes and functions. Late comers would be marked absent even though the teacher concerned may permit them to enter the class at her/his discretion.
  2. Every student of the college should consider herself as a custodian of the college and must walk-in with a decorum and dignity that is worthy to the institution.
  3. Every student should protect the college property. Students spoiling the desks or walls with pencil, chalk, knife & marks etc. will be liable for disciplinary action, even expulsion from college.
  4. The students should not leave the college till their classes are over without Permission.
  5. The students should utilize their vacant periods by reading books, magazines and newspapers etc. available in the library.
  6. Students should be respectful and obedient to their teachers and the office staff and carry out their instructions faithfully.
  7. Courtesy costs nothing but pays rich dividends in the long run. The students are expected to be courteous and polite in dealing with the clerical staff, fellow students, with the Roadways Staff on buses and with visitors in the college.
  8. Students should use the dustbins and co-operate in keeping the campus, classrooms, lawns, laboratory neat and clean.
  9. Students should not tamper with fan regulators and switch boards and must switch off the fans and lights before leaving the classrooms.
  10. For availing leave, it is mandatory to fill the leave forms. For medical leave, Medical Certificates is required, otherwise leave will not be sanctioned.
  11. Writing and sticking bills on college walls or on desks is strictly prohibited.
  12. Students using vehicles must possess a valid driving license.
  13. Students are prohibited to sit on college railings and bridge railings.


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