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Library Rules

  • Keep silence in the library.
  • Mobiles are strictly prohibited.
  • Before entering into the library kindly, keep your belongings at the place directed.
  • Before entering into the library, every student has to write her name and sign in the library attendance register.
  • One book will be issued on one card .
  • Within 15 days issued book has to be returned .In case of late return of books, students will have to pay fine of Rs.2/- per day per book for the first week and Rs.5/- per day per book afterwards. In case of serious default amount of fine may be increased to Rs.20/- per day.
  • Reference books, Journals will not be issued for the home.
  • Students must handle books, periodicals, etc. with great care, any attempt to damage books or Periodicals, by defacing or tearing the pages will treated as serious misconduct and strictly dealt with.
  • If any student/reader loses book she has to purchase the same book from the market and deposit it into the library if the book is not available in the market then the price value of the same book has to be paid.
  • Any type of eatables is strictly prohibited.
  • Books, magazines and journals should be placed properly as directed after their use.
  • Students can also avail the book bank facilities as per the norms.
  • Without entering the record of the books, no books will be allowed to take outside.


Discipline is the synonymous of the KVGIT tradition. Every care is taken to maintain an ideal discipline and to make it a primary part of our culture. We believe that nothing sustentative can be achieved without a true spirit of discipline. In fact, our academic environment is nurtured on discipline .This happens to be the fore most trait to enable us to impart quality education and to produce meritorious results. The entire code of conduct requires an absolute sense of obedience and subordination to the Principal and the Faculty concerned .However any act of indiscipline, misconduct or irresponsible behaviour will invite strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from the college. ACTS OF INDISCIPLINE

(a) Failure to produce IDENTITY CARDS on demand by Faculty/College Staff, at any time and place within the Faculty/College Campus and Library.
(b) Indifferent reply to any query.
(c) Consumption of alcoholic drinks/intoxicating Drugs etc. and/or found DRUNK in the Campus.
(d) Damage or deface any property of the Institute or do any act reasonably likely to cause Such damage or defacing.
(e) Engage in any conduct within or outside the Institute, which is, or is reasonably likely to be clearly detrimental to the Institution's purpose and image.
(f) Disregard of Faculty/College rules, orders & notice.
(g) Disregard of orders/instructions of the members of the Faculty/College.
(h) Noisy, boisterous, disorderly and obnoxious behavior.
(i) Ragging in any manner.
(j) Lack of punctuality in attendance, in payment of Faculty/College dues and in other Matters where dates and time of any duty, functioning or obligation are prescribed.
(k) Recourse to FALSE or FRAUDULENT statements or acts.
If any of the above acts is done by any of the students disciplinary actions will be taken By the appropriate authorities or the competent agency of the Institute depending upon The quantum of the guilt or misconduct and the same act will be considered as Misconduct and the disciplinary actions will be taken after following the procedure by The competent authorities.

Rules and Regulation

Eligible candidates are advised to submit a duly filled in application form along with necessary documents.
Students should bring their Identity cards along with them.
They should follow the dress code properly.
It is compulsory for every student to deposit fee timely.
At the time of admission in the college, student is required to pay the entire annual fee.
The caution money will be refundable to the students.


Every student is required to attend all the lectures, practical and other prescribed curricular, co-curricular activities. The attendance can be condoned up to 25% on medical grounds or for other genuine reasons beyond the control of students. In the case of absence on medical ground, a student must submit the medical certificate.
No student will be allowed to appear in the examination if she does not satisfy the overall average attendance requirements as prescribed by University of Rajasthan. Jaipur.
The attendance should be counted from the date of admission in the college or by the start of an academic session, whichever is applicable.
The name of a student who remains absent without intimation for continuous 10 days, will be struck off from the college.

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